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Angel’s Public school offers a high level of pastoral care through House system. The House also provides the day-to-day framework of discipline and respect for others. Although there are school rules which must be adhered to, just as important is our pro-active system of commendation and reward. Students are encouraged to act with consideration, self-discipline and social awareness.

School Houses House Captain Vice Captain House Master / House Mistress
Red Kashish Shivam Ms. Anita
Blue Sneha Muka das Ms. Prathiba kapoor
Green liza samdarsh Ms. Anju
Yellow komal Yogesh Ms. Rachna

Oath ceremony May 2017

On 20 May 2017 Oath ceremony of different houses was organized in Angels public school.
School PTI Mr. Roshan Lal had chosen house captain and vice captain of various houses after seeing the capability of students.
Flag of houses and House Apron was handed over to chosen house captain in front of school principal Mrs. Saroo kaushal and Oath was taken by house boys and girls for sportsmanship and discipline of school.

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