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  • BLAZER IS COMPULSORY in winters for students.
  • Every student is expected to pay due regard to the teachers in and outside the school, whether he/she teaches them or not.
  • It is expected of the parent to respect all the teachers and the school norms. In case of riotous behavior by any parent, authorities may be constrained to issue the T.C. to the Child.
  • No student will bring gadgets like mobile, ipad or ipod etc. to School. If students bring these things to school, they will be confiscated and shall not be returned till the end of session.
  • No student will wear gold jewellery. School authorities will not be held responsible for any kind of loss.
  • If a child has any INFECTIOUS DISEASE, he/she will not be allowed to attend the class/ Exams.

Visiting Hours

  • Parents can meet with principal on all working days between 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm taking prior appointment.
  • Teacher’s can be consulted only on Saturday or on P.T.M, which is held on every last working day of the month.