“As your desire is, so your will
As your will is, so your deed
As your deed is, so is your destiny “

Angel’s Public school is undoubtedly premier institute of the region which is providing quality education resulting in all round development of the child. All the ingredients required for imparting quality education is the backbone of Angel’s. We believe in the vision – education is a continuous and creative process. A positive attitude toward all aspects of life is the key ‘Mantra’ in achieving success in life. Apart from the routine of academic enrichment, our vision is to develop positive mindset and inspire a confident Indian in each child through carefully chosen academic, curricular, vast library, sports and cultural activities and above all latest teaching techniques. I extend my thanks to all the staff members for their dedication to their noble profession. Dear parents, I utilize this opportunity to thank for your love, co-operation and encouragement to make us number one.

Mrs. Saroo Kaushal
Principal Angel’s Public School